One solution for all of your existing schedule problems
Save yourself time, troubles while earning more and making your clients happy at the same time
What is it and how does it work
CindyApp is a mobile app that simplifies and streamlines the booking process. No need for calls, emails, texts or any back and forth.
1. Give access to your clients by adding a link on your website socia media profile or by placing your unique QR code at a visible place.
2. Your clients can now pick their preferred time slots and make reservations.
3. You will get notified every time some one makes a reservation. With just one tap, you can confirm, decline or offer alternative time slots that suit your schedule better.
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Proven results
Making your clients happier means more revenue for your business
Our partners experience an average increase of 34% in the total number of appointments just 4 months after integrating CindyApp.

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A business-centric feature set
Let us make your life easier
A hands-off approach to managing your schedule
Fill you calendar, maximise earnings, make yourself and your clients happy.
Fill your calendar
Your clients will be able to book appointments more easily. This will also result in more visits and revenue for your business.
Control access
Reduce no-shows
Integrated payments
Take your business to the next level
Suitable for all of the below
Yoga, tennis, gyms
Beauty salons, Hair and nails
Spa & Therapy
Massage, sauna, therapy
Oil change, maintanance, paint
Cleaning, and other
Group and/or individual lessons
Health Care
Doctors, dentists, dermatologists
Conseling, accounting
Unlimited reservations and services for all plans
Suitable for businesses with one location with 1-3 staff members. Take your hands off the wheel. Enjoy your work while we take care of you schedule.
Typical users are: Gym trainers, hairdressers, dentists, small sports facilities.
Suitable for businesses with multiple location, 5-7 staff members per location. Use our advance admin panel to get an overview of the work process.
Typical users are: Beauty saloons, tennis courts, education centers, spa centers.
Suitable for enterprises. Plan includes: a two-way intergation with a CRM or other software, custom features such as client marketing tools, in-dept business analytics, and consulting.
Typical users are: Hospitals, booking companies
With all plans, you get:
unlimited number of reservations
unlimited number of services
access to a web based admin panel
access to a mobile app for each staff member
data analytics
zero commision payments integration
access to a web based admin panel
unique QR code and invite link generator
client list import
*Pricing might change based on number of staff members and locations.
Frequently asked questions
Will my client have access to my schedule once they download the app?
No. You will have to invite them by sharing your invite link with them or have them scan your QR code.
What happens if two people book the same time slot?
We make sure this is not possible. We specially put checks in place to only allow booking a time slot that has not been booked by somebody else.
How can get started? How do I create a CindyApp partner account?
Contact us at
How can I link my website or Instagram account to CindyApp?
We will generate you a special invite link which you can put on your social media accounts or have a button on your website that leads to it. It is easy as that. Please contact us for more info at and we will get you started.
How many staff members can I have on my CindyApp account? Do I have to pay more?
You can add unlimited number of staff members as well as unlimited number of services. All of our plans also include unlimited reservations by your clients. You only pay a flat fee, no commision or added costs!
What happens if someone calls me and wants to book an appointment? Can I manually add one?
You sure can! You can book the time slots with 3 clicks using your partner mobile app or the web admin interface.
I have classes with more than one attendees at regular times throughout the week. Can I still use CindyApp?
Yes, of course! We support recurring time slots. You can also set up a maximum number of attendees for each of your services.
Other questions
Please contact us at sales@cindyapp and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.