Book appointments
at your favorite places

All of your services one click away
Full schedule visiblity
Never miss an appointment
Easily change or cancel
Book appointments at your favorite places

A one stop app

For all of your services

Yoga, tennis, gyms
Beauty salons, Hair and nails
Spa & Therapy
Massage, sauna, therapy
Oil change, maintanance, paint
Cleaning, and other
Group and/or individual lessons
Health Care
Doctors, dentists, dermatologists
Conseling, accounting

Why we created it

and how you can use it

Are you TIRED of having to use different websites, apps or having to call in just to make an appointment?
We thought so too!

That is why we created an app that allows you to book appointments at your favorite places in 3 SIMPLE STEPS.

Are you a business owner?

Make your clients happy
Let them easily book appointments with our beautiful app
Save time and money
Eliminate the need for a dedicated staff member to take calls and handle schedules


Frequently asked questions

How can I add places and book appointments? I do not see any places on CindyApp.
Please ask your service vendor to give you their unique QR code or invite link. If your vendor does not have a CindyApp account, please have them contact us as and we will open one for them.
Is CindyApp free?
Yes, CindyApp is completely free. You can download it right now and start booking appointments!
I do not see the places I go to on CindyApp. I cannot use CindyApp to book appointments.
Maybe we have not integrated with your favorite places, yet. Please ask those business to contact us at and we will get them started in no time.
Can I cancel an appointment once it is confirmed?
Yes, of course! We allow our users to cancel and modify appointments. Please note that the service vendor might have also applied some restiction such as not allowing cancelations certain time before the start of your appointment.
I do not get a verification code when I try to log in.
Please send us an email stating your phone number at
Other questions
Please contact us at and we will be happy to help with whatever questions or issues you have!
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